What is the New Orleans Water Meter?

The "New Orleans Water Meter" is actually a water meter box cover commonly seen throughout the streets of New Orleans. It is so unique that many companies have started producing New Orleans memorabilia in the form of t-shirts, jewelry, and even coffee table coasters using its likeness. We have links to some New Orleans Water Meter jewelry all over this site. Please buy products using these links to support our informational database on our beloved water meter cover!

Why the surge in recent interest in this water meter cover?

Since the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, local New Orleanians and many of the city's supporters have been showing their pride by wearing fleur de lis and water meter accessories. There are few things that say "New Orleans" like a fleur de lis, or our own special water meter cover.

Where, exactly, can I see a New Orleans Water Meter in real life?

Although you can find one of our beautiful water meter covers in many places throught the city, I would suggest that you take a walk through our historic french quarter. Just keep an eye on the ground as you walk and it won't take very long before you come across one. Take a picture and share it with your friends!

Where can I buy New Orleans Water Meter jewelry?

If you look towards the left hand side of this site, you will see various links to different New Orleans Water Meter jewelry that we are advertising. The links will bring you to Amazon, where you can do a one-click checkout if you already have an account with them. All of the water meter items we advertise are of the highest quality, and get tons of compliments when you wear them while you are out and about. Right now, we have links to New Orleans Water Meter Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Rings, and Charms.

Who designed the New Orleans Water Meter?

The design of our water meter was created by a man named Edwin Ford circa 1920. Edwin Ford was the founder of the Ford Meter Box company, which was founded in 1898.

Why are people stealing these beautiful water meter covers off of the streets of New Orleans?

The water meter covers apparently have a street value of about $100, which is leading thieves to steal them. Theft of the covers started circa 1990 when tourists wanted special souveniers from their stay in our extremely cultured city. Since the theft began happening, new water meter covers were created with locks on them, but only the stolen covers were replaced. The rest of the covers are still susceptible to theft. Also, some of the stolen covers were replaced with blank ones to prevent theft, which is unfortunate.

I stole a water meter cover and now feel poopy about it (or have information on someone who did).

If you made the mistake of stealing a water meter cover recently, politely go replace it from where you pilfered it. If you have information on stolen or missing water meter covers, please call the New Orleans Police Department's 2nd disctrict @ 504.658.6020

New Orleans Water Meter Specifications:

Material: Cast Iron
Diameter: 10 inches (although I'm pretty sure I've seen some with a diameter of around 16 inches)
Text: Sewerage & Water Board, Crescent Box, Water Meter, Ford Meter Box Co, Wabash, IND, New Orleans, LA
Imagery: Moon, Stars, Lines

Do I need permission to authorize the use of the New Orleans Water Meter Cover on my product?

According to this forum thread, Edwin Murray got a bill through legislature which gives the Sewage and Water board the rights to the logo. Maybe they realized they could make a couple dollars off of the emblem which was paid for by New Orleans citizens via tax money?

My only source on this information was via the above forum thread, so if anyone has any information about acquiring the rights to the imagery, please contact me and let me know.

I know the location of an authentic New Orleans Water Meter!

Great! I am currently compiling a list of locations to share with the good citizens and tourists of New Orleans. Please submit the locations of water meters to me so I can complete the list. If you know of one which has recently gone missing, you can submit it too, so I can make a note of it. If we work together, we can find a way to preserve these classic figures of New Orleans charm!


Deb said on 1/21/11:
I believe authentic covers can be found on Hillary street..several locations..one in front of 820 Hillary street.